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Magic portrait of Adelaide and Singapore

Recently, we, Eliska Zlamalova and Nora Schmit, finally reunited half way through our exchange. We met in Nora’s exchange country Singapore and spend a lot of time together exploring the city and culture. Nora and I were also talking a lot about living in our exchange destinations, Adelaide in Australia and Singapore. After all of that, we decided to create together something that would show Australia and Singapore together at the same time. The picture that you can see is a Magic Portrait of our new homes. The left site of the portrait is Adelaide’s centre behind Torrens River. It continuously changes into Singapore as seen from the Marina Bay on the right side of the picture. Moreover, national flowers of Australia and Singapore are incorporated into the portrait. Look carefully and you will see the Australian golden wattle and Singaporean orchid.  We hope you like the magic fusion of our exchange countries as we do. It reminds us how we brought two far away countries together on one picture and in our endless discussions.

Our meeting in Singapore is, however, by far not the beginning of our story. As you probably know the two of us are both students from the University of Edinburgh that decided to take an exceptional opportunity and experience one year of our degree outside Europe. In addition, we are both taking part in the Third Space project. Nevertheless, we met long before that. In September 2012 we both arrived for the first time to Edinburgh and thought it would be our home for the next four years. We also both started studying biology but we did not meet yet (or at least we do not remember we did). A week after the first semester of our first year started we independently of each other travelled to Bratislava in Slovakia to represent our countries, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg, in the European Contest for Young Scientists 2012. There we finally crossed each other’s way. During one of the talks at the contest Nora happened to have our Edinburgh University course book with her and so we recognised we are first year biologists from the same university and started talking. Since then we are friends. We were flatmates in our second year and travelled together in Scotland. We went for exchange, reunited in Singapore and we are going to be flatmates next year back in Edinburgh. Finally, we cannot wait to see where else we will meet after Slovakia, Scotland and Singapore.


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