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I spy with my little eye…

During my time in Geneva I have noticed many differences in the way in which people communicate here and in the UK.

This semester I even took a French class called “Communication Interculturelle” which explored how people from different cultures communicate. Last week I gave a presentation in class comparing the different methods of communication used in Geneva vs. London.

I shall summarise some of the key differences as some of them are quite amusing…

One of the major differences is the kissing…If you are meeting up with a local be prepared to spend a wee while kissing. Everyone here greets each other with not 2 but 3 kissses! Yes 3! This was very confusing and cause for many embarrassing situations when I first moved here as after the usual French kiss, kiss, I would pull away to be shocked when a Genevan would be leaning in for a third kiss. #Awkward.

Imagine how long it took when I went to a BBQ with 20 people…

Another major difference is the way in which people communicate in public. I know Geneva is small city of around 200 000 people, but you would think the whole city is mute when you exit your house! You cannot hear anyone! Even during rush hour or peak lunch time hours when everyone is out the town is so quiet. It is so quiet that you can hear people’s footsteps! This is a huge difference with London and Edinburgh where often you hear people before you see them!

I have also noticed that people here do not understand the British sense of humour. Sarcasm and irony are not at the forefront of their humour and so many of my comedic comments go unnoticed…

A bientot xx

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