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Early Morning Bike Ride

My flatmate and I were discussing the best places to people watch in Leipzig but we found it hard to choose one specific place. For this reason, we decided to go on an early morning bike ride to see who was out and about in our favourite people watching places. We left home this morning at 6:00 and I must admit I was surprised by the number of people who were already up. I was expecting to see one or two people on their commute to work but instead I saw all sorts of people wandering around. There were people with shopping bags, people who were also people watching, and people who had already started work for the day (we saw dustmen, a window cleaner, builders, and a man using a leaf blower to clean up confetti from a parade that took place this weekend).

Most places we passed by were shut but we did come across a few open cafes. We eventually settled on a small café in one of the residential areas of town to have some breakfast.

I’ve made a small video of our outing so you can see what our city looks like in the early hours:

Vida, Germany

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