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Palais de Beaux Arts

Lille may have been major student-ville, but that in no way meant it was a modern city. It was filled with beautiful spaces and lovely buildings everywhere. Even just walking around the streets, you encounter so many old-fashioned streets. I love this one- all the bunting is cute and there are fairy lights for night time!

Some of the friends I made in Chimie Lille, my university, were so nice to show me around throughout my stay there and showed me some of the places I love to go and have a wander round cause they’re so pretty.

The Palais de Beaux Arts is the building which got mentioned the most while I was in Lille. Everyone knew where it was, and for good reason- its stunning both inside and out. Its actually the second biggest art museum in France after the Louvre! The pic below is me and friends trying to take a picture with the decorated ceilings inside- you can’t really see it but I still love the photo!

There was a square which looked onto the building where people regularly played football or sunbathed (when the sun decided to appear) beside the fountains on the square. I’ve seen the football go in the fountain a couple times, with shouts to make me help and dive in for their ball!

Palais des Beaux Arts 2

I was first introduced to the Palais de Beaux Arts building during the Braderie de Lille, talked about in one of my previous blogs. My local friends recommended it as a place to relax in the hustle and bustle and it was perfect! And I’ve since taken all visitors to it- my mum looks pretty happy with the Palais de Beaux Arts in that pic!


It came a close second to my favourite place in Lille. I loved going there to relax beside the fountains, looking at the building and the football games being played! But you’ll have to read my next blog to find out what came first!

– Gina, Lille

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