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Dancing Queen…?

In true tradition of the school I was at in France, we would regularly have a Repas Multiculturel where everyone would prepare a dish from the theme. The first time this was held, the theme was to make a dish traditional to your home town or country. Even though the majority of attendees were French, they were from different regions so we still got lots of variation! I even tried frog’s legs (cuisses de grenouille)!

Repas Multiculturel 28-01-2015 1

And at these nights, we always have some kind of entertainment, normally in the form of dancing! A “choreographer” is normally involved and they teach us a dance for the night! Although they can be in the form of a student in our classes or a special guest invited in!
I attended so many of these nights, learning different dances from lots of people I think I may have achieved the title of Twinkle Toes? I’m not sure… my attempts really were terrible!

One night it progressed into one of the students showing us the Electric Slide… I’m not going to make you suffer and watch the video for that!
Repas Multiculturel 28-01-2015 4Repas Multiculturel 28-01-2015 5

But my favourite night of dancing was when the school had arranged for some people from Martinique to come in- the pictures shown above. They speak French over there but they were showing us how they dance in their culture! It was so fun. The boys played the drums and sang a lovely song (although I’m not sure of the name) whilst the girls performed a dance.
They then started teaching us- getting me up to the front! Big mistake on their part. Not only did I have the worst French in the room but I was probably one of the worst dancers… but they managed to (somehow) teach me and I got the hang of it!
The pictures above show the girls dancing, technically what I should have been doing!

– Gina. Lille, France

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