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99 problems and a bike is definitely one

From the very moment Dutch babies can sit, they’re sitting on a bike. It’s as natural to them as breathing, eating or speaking. It’s an integral part of their culture as Dutch people. While the rest of the world’s children are still getting their head around the simplest of life’s challenges, the Dutch are so competent on a bike, that no helmet is needed and any task can be completed whilst speeding down the road. Whether it’s talking on the phone, carrying a whole crate of beer with both hands, or even snapchatting, they can do ANYTHING whilst cycling. It does help that the brakes on most Dutch bikes are not located on the handlebars but are activated by pedaling backwards, so really, your hands aren’t even needed, apart from ringing your bell angrily at tourists getting in your way (‘tourists’ i.e. me). I’ve had many a flat tyre, several near crashes and numerous other bike-related disasters, but I still maintain love for my humble Dutch bike. It may squeak every time I turn the wheel but it’s like an old friend and it’s something I’ll definitely miss when I’m back in Edinburgh.

Story of my life...

Story of my life…

Bike-check Windmill-check


Now.. where did I put my bike?

Now.. where did I put my bike?

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