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Waving goodbye to my year abroad

Farewell, farvel, auf wiedersehen, au revoir, adios, До свидания, good night and good luck Copenhagen. It’s been a fantastic, intriguing and unforgettable eleven months.


Regrets, I’ve had a few (not learning the language being the main one), but then again too few to mention.


Yes, as you can tell from just about everything in this post the time abroad has come to the end. Just as pretty much everyone’s has now. I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel the nostalgia when looking back upon such an interesting year. Being taken out of your comfort zone has the possibility of disastrous effects but it can also lead to opening up your world view and seeing things from a different perspective.


I’ve got a lot of fond memories to look back upon for my year out and friends to stay in contact with. It came with some challenges I hadn’t faced in my university career up to this far, for instance lots and lots of free time, lack of societies to take up said time and lack of friends thrust upon you as experienced at freshers. But in doing so the opportunity gives you ample opportunity to learn new ways of coping.


My favourite tradition of the year abroad was the Tuesday communal (or commie as we started calling it for mild amusement) dinner. Here international students and locals alike shared tables and helped prepare food then after all the hard work was done, eat it. No matter where the people were from everyone was united by the desire for a cheap meal and good company. In fact some of the best friends I had during my time abroa were met through the dinner. Including Perez the plucky Spanish guy and Sean the mad American, and who could forget Niklas the German. Interacting with all these people from all over the globe made me realise how everyone can be united for the love of humour. It turns out the Germans love joking about the war just as much as the Brits do. Turns out not all of them are lacking humour as well, generalisations aside all of the ones I met seem to absolutely love beer and banter.


It’s through meeting all these people that I realised just how unfounded our generalisations are. This has broadened my understanding of cultural awareness which is why I’d recommend Erasmus, or any exchange for that matter to anyone and everyone.

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