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Things I’m taking back with me after my year abroad

I have now returned safely home; still second language free but content with what I can take back with me from my year abroad to make it all beneficial in the long run and not just the short.


I’ve learned that to impress locals with your knowledge in their language is surprisingly easy. With them not expecting you to know as much about their language as they know about the inner workings of the new t-69 fighter jet. Therefore a few ridiculous phrases are always sure to get a giggle, or at the very least a look of surprise. My hovercraft is full of eels is always a good one, esp if anyone’s a Monty Python fan. Learning this in any language can never be unbeneficial. mit hover håndværk er fuld af ål.


Another thing I’ll be happily taking back with me from my time out is the appreciation of community set up groups such as the community dinner at Copenhagen. These can be a great way for not only getting a cheap meal but also to meet people of a similar open mind-set. I would never have known of these existence if it weren’t for Copenhagen and it’s egalitarian feel.


Dustbin raiding was also something I attempted for the first time on my time abroad. Before you stop and think things had really turned desperate for me out there it’s actually fairly common amongst Danish students. Knowing when the store closes and empties itself of its perishable goods is key. It’s especially good for fruit and vegetables which can often be perfectly ripe just beyond their sell by date. I’ll be sure to bring that waste not want not attitude with me back home.


The lack of meal deals in supermarkets out there really pushed my cooking on a budget capabilities and it’s fair to say they came out on time. Pasta pesto was featured mercifully infrequently.


As well as all the egalitarian newly acquired natures there are also the style tips I’ve taken from the Scandies, everything from their all black moody attire to their stylish but functional trainers have been taken on board. Although I must say I shall be avoiding the widely popular shaven back and sides after trying that one too many times out there.


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