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Keeping in touch after Erasmus

It’s hard saying goodbye to the city you’re in on your exchange after growing so attached to it. You become used to all the nooks and crannies, the culinary delights, you get to know the cheap bars, knowing it might be some time till you see the place again can be pretty hard. You might even feel the same about the university itself the CSS campus in Copenhagen was a delightful converted old hospital with fitting long dark corridors. However, any of these hardships pale by comparison to the hardness of saying goodbye to the people who made your year abroad. Which is why staying in contact after leaving is so important. Sadly this is made difficult by the problem likely not encountered in Edinburgh, the fact of the people there living in complete opposite ends of the globe.


Fortunately modern devices such as facebook and other social media platforms keep this possible. Lord knows how it was manageable back in the day where a solitary postcard once every few months was the only thing to keep people in contact. Still, my dad has somehow been able to stay in contact with his Icelandic friend Theorie and also San Franciscan friend too, neither of which he’d seen in years.


Skype as well makes this all more doable, with the ability for you to actually feel like you’re in the room, it’s just the room is really blurry, lags for two seconds at a time and occasionally cuts out completely. All of these make for contact keeping all that much easier, so hopefully meaning that when you eventually go back to visit the place again people will remember who you are, which is always a positive.


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