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Memories of South East Asia

Now that my year abroad is over, I decided to personalise my box with illustrations that remind me of Singapore and the places I traveled to in South East Asia.


I included:
– Pink: The orchid “Vanda Miss Joaquim”, the national flower of Singapore
– Orange: A detail of the Goa Lawah Temple, also known as Bat Cave Temple, on Bali
– Yellow: A Proboscis monkey, which I saw on Borneo
– Brown: Teh tarik (“pulled tea”), my favourite drink in Singapore
– Purple: A shirt worn by Malay muslims, especially for the holidays
– Blue: Angkor Wat in Cambodia
– Red: The cap of Hanoi beer, which I enjoyed in Vietnam
– Green: Durian, a fruit popular in SEA and known for its strong odour
– Beige: A pineapple tart, mostly consumed during holidays like Hari Raya and Chinese New Year
– Black: The Merlion, the national personification of Singapore

Nora, Singapore

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