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Watson’s Bay: Lighthouses and coastline

Watson’s Bay is my favourite place in Sydney as it’s perfect for a Sunday stroll across the Headlands and along the coast. Hugging the harbour, it gives an amazing view of Sydney’s skyline and if you look close enough you can see the top of the Harbour bridge over the hills. Following the walk along the harbour-side, this path leads all the way up to Nielson Park, another beautiful area of Sydney with secluded beaches that local families and residents usually enjoy. Milk beach in particular has an amazing backdrop of the bridge. Been able to see Sydney’s most iconic buildings from these less known areas continues to be exciting.  Further along at Rose Bay is an amazing place to go paddleboarding for this reason too.

P1000716 P1000724

However, it’s the walk along the other side of peninsula that I enjoy most. Starting at Hornby Lighthouse, a particularly recognisable lighthouse with its red and white stripes, the public paths follow the open water and the cliff face. From here, you can also see the hills of Manly and the national park. Only 15 minutes from the CBD by ferry, I love the fact that you can feel as though you are somewhere completely different and still be so close to the city. Personally, that’s something quite unique to Sydney and its position by the water.  On a cloudless day, not uncommon in Australia, you can see for miles and I haven’t tired yet from following the tracks all the way along the coast.

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