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My favourite place in Brisbane

Of course, there are many places I have visited and returned to a number of times… I would return to different locations, cafes and places every day, every week or every month. My favourite place in Brisbane is where I lived, Southbank. For the past few months I have been lucky enough to live in this area. Every day I walk through the beautiful parklands with amazing pink flowers, a large pathway bringing you to the centre of shops and small resturaunts… alongside the peaceful beach (except the weekends). I will miss walking through the area, the beauty of Australia and the lovely scenery I was lucky to have around me.
    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I first arrived in Brisbane I had never seen this type of bird before.. I thought it looked almost alien with the strange long beak and black eyes – These are Ibis birds. In the beginning, I admired them and fed them.. a few weeks in and I realised why people do not like these birds. They are flying rats, taking any leftover food that can be seen. The first time I saw this bird was in Southbank Parklands.

Southbank manmade beach

Brisbane – India

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