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My Plants

There is a great respect for wildlife and nature here. This is seen both in the amount of green space in the city centre as well as the amount of plant and flower shops there are. People here really like to grow their own herbs (and if possible, vegetables too). This isn’t just something the older generations do, but students as well. There is a small herb garden for students right in the middle of the main courtyard of the university and I actually know a group of students here who have their own allotment.

Originally I didn’t think this aspect of the German way of living had made much of a difference to my life but it appears that over the past year, I have actually managed to amass a rather large collection of plants, flowers and herbs. Last semester, the eating area of the flat I was in was dubbed ‘the botanical dining room’. I guess the picture below explains why.

The Botanical Dining Room

The Botanical Dining Room

Since I had to move into a different flat for this semester, I was unable to take the plants with me and I was really sad. This semester, the flat I am in is a lot smaller so there isn’t as much indoor wildlife as before but this hasn’t stopped my flatmate and I growing ourselves some basil, mint, tomatoes and various other greenery.

I have come to love being surrounded by plants and helping/watching them grow. There is definitely something very rewarding about using ingredients that you have managed to grow yourself.

Vida, Germany

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