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Not all smiles and sunshine, thoughts on the year abroad.

Whilst of course studying at another university abroad has many positives, an increases your cultural awareness, experiencing life in another country and increasing your friendship group to new, far off corners of the globe (also handily always giving you a place to stay should needs be) it’s not always so fun and simple as it might seem. A lot of people get homesick and not just in the university way of homesick of your home but also homesick for your second home as well and it puts strains on keeping on contact with your home friends, making it a fair bit trickier than you might have realised.

These are all worries to consider before you get to the financial implications and strains. They sadly mean that going away becomes a great financial burden, and since it is extremely difficult to get a job in a country where you don’t speak the language it means you have to have the funds through other means, most likely parents contribution, which sadly not everyone is in the situation to do. And this is just with the Erasmus exchange in mind, the one to the rest of the world requires proof that you or your family have the money in an account.

Of course the EU offers a generous grant for those wishing to go on exchange throughout Europe however living off this alone in a country as expensive as Denmark would be beyond tricky, it would in fact be nigh on impossible.

Whilst the exchange is of course worth it for those able to finance it it’s advertising point as an experience for all should be reconsidered or even better a loan system entirely for people unable to otherwise finance a year abroad would be an even better option.

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