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Embracing yourself in the music scene of your adopted country.

Making music is as universal as eating, drinking and taking selfieds. You can find it all over the world being made with as wide a range of instruments as you can think of. Now going to Copenhagen I didn’t exactly think I’d come across a Nordic sitar or the Scandinavian didgeridoo, however I still thought it important to embrace the local music scene.

Being familiar with the music from their Scandinavian cousins from across the Öresund straight I expected to come across the New Nordic Folk exhibited by the northern dwellers, acts such as First Aid Kit, The Tallest Man On Earth and Lykke Li are some of my favourites. However, the Danes aren’t known for their harmonies intertwined with acoustic guitar shimmers. They’re more known for their breed of Danish hip hop by acts such as Topgunn, Nick and Jay and Riske Peng. The former of which lyrics include “For the ass , it ‘s perfect and it fits as it should” Ok, maybe ever so slightly dubios translation there courtesy of google translate but you get the point, the point being that the lyrics are fantastic of course.

Although it might be easy to mock through poorly attempted translations of the lyrics the rap scene has some great benefits to the city. As the main musical choice of inner city adolescents it helps them in expressing themselves and performs a medium from that. Whilst it’s true some of the lyrics verge on comical there are also many which talk about being brought up in the inner city and the hardships that come with it. Whilst the Swedish folk comes from fairly middle class backgrouds it is the hip-hop which gives an authentic look at the city of Copenhagen. Whilst not all of the lyrics depict an accurate representation of the city (drive by shootings and gang warfare aren’t quite as prevalent as ‘Kaliber’ might have you believe).

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