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Copenhagen Film Festival

As I briefly passed upon in my previous blog post one of the things I’d undertaken to make the most of the opportunities that a slightly more liberal work schedule has allowed I’ve been interning at a film production’s company since February. One of the (admittedly few) perks of having a role at such a company is that is the free tickets that they generously hand out for when film festival season roles around. Which in a city like Copenhagen is thankfully a few times a year. Last month it was the turn of the big one, the piece de resistance, the crème de la crème, the bee’s knees, the random other superlative saying you can think of: CPH PIX Feature Film Festival. For around half of the month the cities indie cinemas turned into a hive of newly released or pre screening film activity.

It turns out it’s generally the artsy crowd that make their way to the these sorts of festivals. Likely pencilled in in their calendar for months they have come well prepared, donning the finest smart-casual attire and knowing heeps about the films on display. So I donned my hippest attire and swankiest Nikes (Copenhagen’s a town run on vintage sneakers) and hopped on my bicycle to check out some of the most highly praised movies in town. The first one I checked out was Concerning Violence a rather heavy look at the act of deconolisation of African nations in the 60s and 70s. The film was narrated by American singer Lauryn Hill whilst she was serving her three month prison sentence in 2013. It was a thought provoking and shocking look at the act of human cruelty. The next film was a more lighthearted look at father/son relationships in the film The Sumo Wrestler’s Son, about a retired sumo wrestler in Japan and his son who he’s weaning into the family business. Other films shown included The Fencing Champion and The Look of Silence.

It turns out film festivals aren’t just for film buffs or those involved in the industry. It’s a great way to see minor (or even major) films before they are released as well as giving you a chance to step out of your comfort zone and dive into the unkown. I’ll sure be attending the Edinburgh one next year and highly recommend you do so as well.

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