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One of the reasons for going abroad is to get out of your shell and learn about other cultures in the best way possible, that best way of course being actually living in said culture. It may not surprise you though that by doing so and meeting such a large amount people from different countries you increase your awareness exponentially. By studying abroad you tend to meet other people are also studying abroad, often coming from places all over the globe, which might increase your interest in the countries those people are from. Of course the two single best ways of finding out another culture and their people is through a) drinking and b) eating. Which is why in my year in Copenhagen me and friends have decided to make the most of my newfound global friend network and set up a monthly international pot luck dinner.

Of course all nationalities are welcome here (even fellow brits with our seemingly infamous cuisine) but the wider the variety the better. For the first occurrence of the hopefully fortnightly dinner party it was held at two Turkish girl’s flat. Rushing back from lectures in order to prepare something short and snappy I decided upon scones, as they’re pretty much just bread with some extra butter thrown in. Unfortunately baking has never been one of my strong points and with the added pressure of having to cook for other people this became all too apparent. The fact that my kitchen has no scales didn’t help either, getting the excuses in early of course. To cut an (admittedly short) story even shorter I forgot to add butter and as a result made what was pretty much just small blobs of bread to take to the dinner party that I had helped plan for weeks.

When I got there the aforementioned Turkish girls had both obviously taken great time and care with their dishes, and no they weren’t kebab. Then to finish it all off and make me really, really feel bad at about my poor effort they finished it off with Turkish tea, coffee and delights. The German had brought traditional giant pretzels, the Chinese gentleman dumplings and the Frenchman cheese, which is the single best thing in the world, everyone knows this. As well as feeling responsible for what affectively a mealtime of stereotypes it all made my tasteless scones seem a bit like a poor effort. However to my amazement, people not only ate them but actually enjoyed them! Crazy.

I’ve already planned what’s going to be on the cards next month. A victoria sponge. My culinary revolution in Copenhagen shall continue.

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