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Experience Map

My map traces the places I associate with Sydney. It includes places such as; the different suburbs I have lived in over the past year, the coffee shops I regularly visit (I didn’t drink coffee until I came to Sydney), the places I have worked, as well as places I associate with friends’ birthdays and different events, such as Christmas day and places I took my family when they came.

Writing this, I found it really interesting to see the places that particularly stood out, and how quickly the outline of my hand filled up with words. What I particularly like about this map is that to many people it means very little, people who have been to Sydney may recognise a few places, but wouldn’t understand why I highlighted some and not others.


Interestingly, I also think that my map has changed dramatically from one I would have written at the end of last semester. I think this shows how this year we’ve actively tried to visit new places and always try to go somewhere different- while we have our locals and places we regularly visit- I think  you’re always aware that you’re only here for a year and because of this there’s always a willingness to go somewhere else. Really, my map keeps on growing.

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