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All the Festivals

To be perfectly honest, I think people in this city throw around the word ‘festival’ a little too much. Of the top of my head, in the last month or so there has been:

  • The festival where people gather and blow bubbles.
  • The festival to celebrate the city turning 1000 years old this year.
  • Campusfest – the festival aimed at students, involving insightful talks in the day and then music acts throughout the night.
  • The food festival where people pretty much gathered in a courtyard and tried food from different countries. There was also a section where people could go and sit and eat in a tent which had been completely blacked out. This was to see whether their food would taste different if they could not see it beforehand. I did not partake in this activity.
  • The Goth festival. This is an annual festival where literally all the Goths of the world unite and descend on this city. The department for transport even bring in extra trams (which they paint black) to help transport the Goths around the city so that they don’t cause delays on the rest of the transport network.
  • The most recent festival I have attended is Bachfest. Bach spent many years of his life working here and to celebrate this, the town has been celebrating once a year since about 1908. I guess Bachfest is a bit like the Edinburgh fringe in that there are lots of different venues all around town where different acts are performing. Some of the acts just play compositions by Bach and others play music which they say has been inspired by him.

Rumour has it that July and August is known around here as festival season, so lord knows how many more local festivals I will be attending before I return to England.

Vida, Germany

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