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Wildlife of the Manu Reserve – Peru

I wanted to post some photos of the wildlife I encountered while at the Manu learning centre. We had to take an ID test of 20 different species which was actually really helpful and made you feel a lot more useful on surveys when you could ID different animals. The red bird is a Cock of the Rock which is the national bird of Peru. The hummingbirds lived in the garden of the Manu Learning centre, as did Gavin the sloth and we occasionally had visits from wooly monkeys. The snake is a bushmaster which was found on a trail 200 metres from the camp, and its venom is deadly. We had tarantulas living in both the project room and the bathroom. The little mouse was found in a pitfall trap. I also saw peccaries (jungle pigs), a tapir, an armadillo and jaguar footprints to name but a few. The jungle is so incredibly diverse and I really learned to appreciate the importance of every creature in this delicate ecosystem.

Amelia Steele

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