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My Favourite Place

This is the last of the jungle posts I promise. I have thought a lot during the course of the year about what my favourite place in Peru would be, and I finally found it when I moved out of the city and went to live in the jungle. While I had a fantastic time in Lima, learned a lot and made some great friends, living and working in the jungle was where I felt truly content. Therefore I wanted to share with you my favourite place there.

While I loved everything about the Manu Learning Centre, my favourite place was a specific trail – creatively named T7. The trail cut through selectively logged forest, which is the closest to primary forest that there is at the MLC and the jungle is simply beautiful. One day on T7 doing butterfly traps I saw peccaries, jaguar prints and Titi monkeys. It’s a magical place where dappled sunlight shines through leafy verdence, with glinting spider webs and fungus covered vegetation, buttress rooted giants extend up into the canopy while leaf cutters march back down. It’s difficult to articulate a place so teaming with sound and life and yet paradoxically so peaceful.

That’s my favourite place here.

Amelia Steele

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