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Korean films!

Despite being in Singapore I had become more and more obsessed with Korean culture (as you may have guessed from some of my previous posts). As a result, when a Korean friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to the cinema to see a Korean film I was totally up for it. When I went to Korea later on in my exchange, most of the movies were only in their language so I couldn’t watch them, but in Singapore they had English subtitles.

So we went to see this famous (ish) Korean film. I had only watched one before this, and it was horrendous. It was called “200 pound beauty” and encouraged plastic surgery to reach your goals (plastic surgery is really popular there).

200 pounds beauty

200 pounds beauty

This film, however, was nothing like that. It was called “Gangnam Blues” or “Gangnam 1970” – not sure why there’s two names but whatever. Turns out neither me nor my friend had any idea what this was about but we went anyway – plus it starred a very handsome Korean actor that we were both familiar with.


Overall it was exciting to watch something I know I’d never get the chance to in a real cinema back home, I definitely felt like I was at the other side of the world, but honestly the film was only OK. Turned out it was Gangster themed (who would’ve guessed in the party/crazy area of Korea?) and was based on the story of two best friends in the 1970s.


The two childhood friends were surviving together alone, in poor housing and unemployed. Their home is then destroyed by a local gang and they end up joining one of these gangs to earn money. They are separated during a fight and a few years later meet again in rival gangs.

Unfortunately our handsome actor died at the end which left us less than impressed with the movie, but overall it wasn’t too bad. Perhaps it’s more aimed for boys and those who like violence and ridiculous sex scenes. Either way, I felt it was a good experience and definitely recommend anyone to watch some Korean movies.

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