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My very first post was telling you about a new Kpop dance team I had joined when I first arrived in Singapore. This post is to tell you the rest of that story…

So initially I mentioned I had almost no dance experience, and since school had become more and more unfit. As a result I was by far one of the worst dancers in the group but FOR SOME REASON I decided to persevere with my social suicide and continue with the dancing.

The results of this is having one of the best experiences of my life and forming what would later be known as my IGAB family (IGAB = the song we danced to).

I eventually changed dance groups and joined one that included the only person I actually knew in the whole society, which made me much more comfortable. We decided to perform the song: I Got A Boy by Girls Generation (or SNSD). The original version of their song is below:

By our second semester it was almost time for our big performance. This was a huge deal for the seniors of the society as they had been part of it for years but this was the first time they were having a showcase of their group to their friends and the public. Everyone had to get costumes, make-up, and the stage was rented out for a day so we could rehearse, set the lighting, etc.

This is how it turned out:

Performance at Marina Bay

Performance at Marina Bay





Showcase - close up (I'm on the right)

Showcase – close up (I’m on the right)

The whole dance team

The whole dance team

I have never felt so excited and terrified in my life. I obviously stood out, being the only Caucasian to have EVER been part of the society, and when I started dancing I was truly horrific. But it was a success! My friends in the audience told me it went well – no huge mistakes on my part. Unfortunately the rest of the show was a little more awkward, with cringe-worthy puns between songs, and the whole thing lasting about 3 hours, but that was OK. I had never imagined myself doing anything like this and I’m proud I kept with it despite all my fears.

We then performed at Marina Bay – probably the most famous area of Singapore – for a Kpop fitness group event where we were given a goodie bag for performing, which turned out to be another great experience.

My IGAB family was full of amazing people who welcomed me and didn’t judge me despite my obvious lack of dancing ability or my difference from everyone else. It really did feel like a family, and that’s exactly what I wanted to get out of my exchange.

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