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Pet Cafes

I’m more of a dog person, but by this point, where I’ve hardly seen any animal I can pet in far too long I will take anything. In the case of Asia, man’s best friend is the cat. While I have not seen so many cats here in Singapore there were plenty in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, and along with the fact they eat dog in Vietnam I assume cat is the preferred pet in Asia. To tip it all off there is currently a phase going around where people go to specific cafes, not for coffee, but cats – called cat cafés!

There are several cat cafés in Singapore, and throughout Asia. Their cafés typically take in homeless cats from the street, give them a home and feed and look after them. The cat café I visited in Singapore had one rescue cat with the others being bought from a local pet store. They had a diverse species of cat, although I don’t know which species they were individually, they all looked completely different. One cat was particularly interesting as it had a very long body and short legs, something like the sausage-dog of the cat kingdom.

sausage cat

sausage cat

People who wanted to come in and enjoy the cats company would be asked to pay a small amount which could also include a free drink depending on what cat café you went to. In the one I visited you were able to stay inside the café for one hour, and for additional hours you would be asked to pay more. The café itself was smaller than most others I have heard about, but this meant that there were less people able to be inside the café at any one time, so there was more time for each person to get to play with the cats.

IMG_6427 IMG_6459 IMG_6475 IMG_6476 IMG_6493 IMG_6460
Just before coming home from my year abroad I also visited South Korea which, to my delight, had not just cat cafes but dog cafes as well – this was definitely on my list of things to do here.

The café did have a noticeable scent when you arrived and ordered your drinks, however it was worth it for me. There were dogs of all shapes and sizes, tiny little yelping dogs and also huge huskies that were like bears. It was adorable as I watched a visiting dog owner bring his dog to the café, and the other dogs go crazy in response, barking furiously and running around in circles.

dog cafe - seoul

Overall it was definitely worth the price, for something crazy to tell my friends back at home and also just because I love animals.

p.s. other than these cafes there are also multiple crazy cafes in Asia, e.g. sheep cafes and a wedding dress café!

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