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Tips into fooling somebody you’re a sommelier!

This task asked me to write about food, I’ve chosen to write about wine instead – technically, wine is just squished grapes, right?

No year in France would be complete without visiting the wine capital of the world,  Bordeaux. So last week some friends and I spent a long weekend there and, at 3 euros a glass, we certainly had our fair share of the red stuff! We also learnt some interesting facts and tips too that I would like to share with you:Vinyards Wine

1) 2009 was a great year for the grape across Bordeaux and so the wine that year is supposed to be particularly tasty.

2) Traditionally, a winemaker (or vintner)  would put a rose at the end of each row of grapes to detect for pests and diseases. Today they are just there to look pretty!

3) When tasting wine – swirl the glass, look at the colour, smell the wine, take a sip, make a loud slurping noise then just talk about tannins…tannins and more tannins (the best winemakers cant even agree on what they are so nobody will question you!)

4)  Finally, while the majority of vineyards are very welcoming to tourists, not all of them are! We certainly learnt this the hard way when our curiosity lead us to a Premier Grand Cru Chateaux and two large dogs kindly showed us the way out!

Ruth Clarke, Paris

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