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Allez les Bleus…. or not?

Although I’m living in France, I’ve somehow acquired more Brazilian friends over my time here than Frenchies. They love to share their culture and are generally loads of fun so I’m always up for a Brazilian party or two!

So when the France vs. Brazil football match was due to take place in March, we HAD to go! As I was accompanying six Brazilians, it was in my terms that I should support Brazil, although I did find myself shouting “Allez les bleus” a couple of times!

Brazil vs. France 26-03-2015 7 In the Stade de France in Paris, at my first football match EVER (yes, I know- I have no clue how I’ve avoided it either), I’d say the French fans were ruling, with about 80% of the stadium being taken up by red, white and blue flags, tops, signs, wigs, and anything else that could possibly come in those colours! So really, the Brazilians needed my support…Brazil vs. France 26-03-2015 11

After a tense first goal by the French, the Brazilians came back to an exciting win for us (not the French around us who did not like our cheers)! I saw Neymar in the flesh (swoon) while showing off his talents and so my first ever football match was a successful one- sorry Frenchies!

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