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Australia, a new beginning

This is my first post showing what I have been getting up to in Brisbane, Australia. I have not been here too long, but time is flying by very quickly. Not knowing anyone before I came to Brisbane was a daunting thought, but I have become a more  confident person in meeting and talking with others, and experienced a lot already.

My first week in Australia was the best I could have had – spending a weekend in Byron Bay!
The first people I met were the ‘Three Amegios’, three friends studying in Mexio. They plan to teach me Spanish or ‘Spanglish’, and in return I will teach them salsa dancing! – Ole!
The second living thing I met – aside from humans – was the heart and soul of Australia and its animals. I met a few kangaroos and fed them. Kangaroos enjoy being scratched underneath their necks, and tense up. They have huge muscles and definitely wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of them. After speaking with a zoo-keeper, she informed me that these Red kangaroos were born in the zoo, so from an early age they are handled by humans and do not get effected by the contact.  It was very nice to see koalas in natural habitat (compared to other zoos around the world). They sleep for 16 hours a day because they have to digest their poisonous food, eucalyptus leaves. At the zoo, I also watched a Bird of Prey show with amazing birds, crocs,  dingos and other Aussie animals.

11028007_10153796958146393_3374544541093469461_n       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

yron Bay is a very small town, with a beautiful beach. A young vibe is brightened by the Hippie styled clothing, small tourist shops, surfers, and more sufers! Over the weekend I visited the most Eastern point of Australia, with amazing views. I also tried surfing… with years of experience dancing, I thought my balance might be ok… but I still need a bit.. or a lot more practice! Kayaking with dolphins was much fun, following eight boats in a group across the sea was enjoyable, but the big waves were not so much! Sadly, we did not see any dolphins… but we saw a lone penguin happy to see us!


It was a great week and I enjoyed every moment of it, meeting new people, seeing new places and being in a different environment, with heat! On to the next week… starting animation at Griffith Film School!



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