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“Filets de perche” vs. Fish and Chips

Last week I tried Geneva’s notable local dish of “filets de perche” and it was delicious! Imagine a much more refined version of the British fish and chips and essentially this is what the dish is.


The fish they serve is freshly caught from the river in the morning (for fellow Londoners do not worry it does not resemble the river Thames in any way!) and is served very finely along with garlic, butter, lemon and a small side of chips.

The fish is so fresh that you can still taste the salt from the lake with every bite.

The simplicity of the dish is somewhat emblematic of the Genevan culture here as locals would say it is a dish “sans chichis”, meaning without added nonsense.

So, in attempt to tap into my inner Delia I have bought the ingredients to make my own version of “filets de perche”.

Unfortunately, my studio is without an oven (a horror I had to overcome in the first week but am quite used to now), so I have substituted the chips for a side of polenta.

And without wanting to break the bank, Geneva is notoriously expensive, I bought a fresh filet of salmon instead of “perche” fish.

Here is the end result…


My quick and easy student version of “filets de perche” which I will definitely make for my flatmates next year!

Hope everyone is enjoying their travels!

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