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Cars and Caviar

Today marks one of the best days I have had in Geneva so far…I went to the international Geneva Car show and even better thanks to my friends working at the event I got a free pass to the VIP lounge!


The Geneva car show attracts all sorts of cars and with it all sorts of characters! (A great place for people watching)


As I strolled around the exhibition passing through Bugatti, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and so on, I imagined myself in the shoes of a rich entrepreneur coming to purchase a new addition to my car collection.


Needless to say imagining myself a billionaire for the day was very fun.

Luckily, two of my friends were working at the car show (which is how I got a free ticket to the event) and so I was obliged to go visit them at the BMW stand.

However, I did not expect them to give my friend and I a full tour of all the cars and free VIP access cards to the lounge!

After an hour of sitting and learning about various cars, I had built up an appetite and so VIP pass in hand I strode to the lounge where my friend and I enjoyed a “couple” of glasses of Prosecco.

But the best part in the lounge was the buffet: fellow food lovers you would have been in heaven.

Suddenly I had forgotten about my dream cars, as every few minutes the chef would come out with trays of more fresh pasta, pizza and cakes.

As we had nothing else to do on a Tuesday afternoon, we decided to try one of each the desserts which were all incredible!

Safe to say this was one of my best days in Geneva! It is rare to use the words “free” and “Geneva” in the same sentence so when you do you feel like royalty.

Free tickets to the event, free private tour and free access to VIP lounge…unfortunately no free car.

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