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Adventure box

Throughout the year I got a chance to visit a few places in Australia. From each place I have brought postcards, stickers, maps, brochures and postcards. Few days ago I decided that my pile of papers and souvenirs is tall enough and I have stuck little bits of everything all over my Third Space box. And now my box has on it: a map of Canberra where I have worked as a research assistant over the summer, a picture of giraffe I have seen in Sydney zoo, a postcard with coral reef I have seen while in Cairns, tickets for Perth Fringe Festival, Uluru national park visitor permit and reminders of all the other memories I have made so far in Australia. I suppose decorating my box isn’t really a strictly exploratory activity. However, it is nice to gather all my good and exciting memories together and use them to create a reminder for later. Here is my box:

DSC_0463 DSC_0461 DSC_0462Monika, Sydney.

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