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Two experiences for the price of one.

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Here is a picture of my experience map. I am very fortunate to have had two experiences during my year abroad, one in Verona and one in Paris. To explain a little about my experience map:


  • Important places; the arena and Piazza Erbe which I would pass daily on my way to university. Lago di Garda and Milan were two places we often took day trips to.
  • I taught English to the children of two Italian families.
  • Italian cuisine definitely makes an appearance on my experience map. Who can complain at pizza, pasta and gelato for dinner every night?
  • Of course I have included friends as I made so many new friends who I hope I will stay in touch with forever.
  • And finally the university. I studied three courses, history of cinema, history of art and contemporary history, as well as a B2 course in Italian.


  • I live in a lovely area of Paris known as Le Marais which is famous for small boutiques and lovely little cafes and restaurants.
  • At university I studied translation, which I really enjoyed. It has made me sure that I want to do a masters in  translation after I graduate.
  • I have visited lots of museums, big and small. I think my favourite was the Edith Piaf museum. It is not a famous museum in Paris but it was very interesting. The museum itself is in an apartment that Edith Piaf used to live in before she was famous. It is visit by appointment only.
  • I had lots of visits from family and friends during my time in Paris as it is a little easier to get to than Verona was.
  • I celebrated my 21st Birthday in Paris. We went to a nightclub on the Champs-Élysées and we got a free bottle of champagne. A very chic affair.
  • I also visited the cinema a lot whilst in Paris, seeing films in French, English and Italian.
  • Finding the time to read for pleasure is always difficult when you are a student but I have a collection of French books which I have read since my time in Paris.
  • French wine and pastry have played a big part in my time in Paris. When I go home I will really miss going to the boulangerie in the morning for a warm and flaky pain au chocolat!

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