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Action Ball!

Last Monday I tried playing a new sport, and it has to be said that a week later I’m still suffering the consequences.

For the past year my friend Chrissy has organised and played Action Ball in her local league, and last week she was short of players. She asked if I was available, and under the false pre-tense that I would be playing Netball, I naively went along to play in the match. (It was only after entering the sports centre she let slip that we were going to be playing something else).

The game was fifty minutes long in total, and while there were some familiar elements, the similarities to netball were few and far between. Walking onto the court was a new experience in itself as the whole area was enclosed under a strong net. A net, which I found out during the game, could effectively be used as a backboard for passing to your teammates, or to bounce the ball over the heads of others.

With no breaks, the game was faster and more continuous than anything I have played before. It incorporates elements of Dodgeball, Netball and Basketball making for a very exciting, but also disorientating game. Almost all the players can shoot, and very few rules seemed to apply.

Defined to me as the ‘Australian adaptation of Netball’ if you ever get the opportunity to play, definitely give it a go, however do be warned that the only thing that fully compares between the two games are the half time oranges!

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