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A trip down memory lane.

I chose this task because after opening up my third space box (which I have found is the perfect place to keep little paper memories from my year abroad), I realised I had collected quite a number of tickets, leaflets, photographs and other souvenirs so I thought it was time to  give the box a little TLC. (I had a minor incident with the box when I first arrived in Paris and realised it had been crushed under some shampoo bottles eeeek.)


The top of my decorated Third Space box.

On the top of the box, you will see:

  • A ticket from the Eiffel Tower. For my 21st birthday, my friends surprised me with lunch on the Eiffel tower which was amazing. I had foie gras as my starter, roast chicken with garlic mash potato as main and chocolate mousse as dessert. Here is a picture of mine and my friends starters.


  • A polaroid photo of the arena in Verona. I went to see two operas here: Carmen and Aida. These were my first experiences with opera and I have to say I really enjoyed both of them.
  • A ticket of an exhibition I saw in Verona: Paolo Veronese. I didn’t really know much about him before I went to this exhibition but it was really interesting to learn about  some “home grown talent” from Verona!
  • My entry ticket for Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. The stained glass windows were absolutely breathtaking.


  • My student card for my university here in Paris. My university was called ISIT and it was a school of translation and interpretation. I’ve absolutely loved my time studying at ISIT and it has really assured me that translation is what I want to do in the future!
  • A bookmark I bought from the exhibition “David Bowie is…” which is an exhibition that has toured all over many big cities in the world. It started off in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum but I never got the chance to see it. I was really happy when I heard it was coming to the Philharmonie de Paris. The exhibition itself was incredible, my favourite part of it was seeing the outfit Bowie wore for his performance of Starman on Top of the Pops in 1972.



Side view 1.

On this side of the box you will see:

  • A ticket to a “Tudor” exhibition at the Musée de Luxembourg. I always loved learning about the Tudors in school so when I saw this exhibition was in Paris, I was very eager to check it out. I also bought a bookmark here quoting the title of Samuel Rowley’s play about Henry VIII. “When you see me you know me”.
  • A ticket to Musée Rodin. Unfortunately the main museum was under construction when I went to visit it but I was happy in the end. The day I chose to go was so hot therefore looking around the sculptures in the gardens was a blessing! This was my favourite sculpture “La porte de l’Enfer” (The gates to Hell).


  • A ticket I got from an Italian film I went to see at an adorable cinema in Paris called “Le champo”. It was a really traditional cinema with those old red chairs (I hope you know the ones I mean). There were even little spotlight stars in the ceiling. I definitely prefer these kind of cinemas to the big commercial ones where a small coke costs an arm and a leg!

Side view 2.

On the second side of the box you will see:

  • My “Codice fiscale” card from Italy. This card was actually really important. Without it you couldn’t rent an apartment, buy a simcard, a phone contract… It is illegal to live there without one, also feels kind of cool to say I have an Italian fiscal code!
  • A cinema ticket to a showing of Dolce Vita. Even though I had seen this film many times before, it is always nice to go see it in the cinema!

Side view 3.

On this side you will see:

  • A section of a map of Verona. Verona has a river running right through the centre of the city and therefore many bridges which was really great for figuring out where you were if you were lost. So in the end I only needed this map for the first couple of weeks I was there!

Side view 4.

Sorry this photo isn’t the best but on this side you will see:

  • A ticket for entry into Napoleon’s tomb in the “Dôme des Invalides” in Paris. I couldn’t believe the size of the coffin but I suppose it’s to be expected for the King of Rome!


  • A ticket for a cinema showing of the new Cinderella movie. “Cendrillon” in French. This may not sound very cultural but we went to see it in French, (without subtitles) so I think it counts!!

Underneath of the box.

Underneath the box you will see:

  • A ticket for “Centre Pompidou”, named after former President of France, George Pompidou. This is one of my favourite museums in Paris if not just for the interesting architecture of the building and the fact that it’s so close to my house! Some people have described their reaction to the building as “love at second sight”. Some people may think it’s ugly because all the pipework, ducts and wires are visible but I find it really unusual!
  • A leaflet from an olive oil tasting workshop I went to. I never even knew olive oil tasting was a thing! But yes and there is definitely a technique to it. If you do it wrong, you will have a very strong burning sensation in your throat, which I definitely experienced at one point!
  • A ticket from a cinema “experience” I went to. It was a showing of 3 Tim Burton movies, one after the other, starting at midnight and finishing around 6am! The three films were Dark Shadows, Sweeney Todd and Big Eyes. I had already seen Sweeney Todd before so I used this as an opportunity to have a little nap! But it was such a fun experience and in the morning the cinema gave us croissants and coffee.
  • A polaroid photo of a group of me and some friends I met in Verona outside the Duomo di Milano. We only planned this visit after about 2 weeks of knowing each other but it was a really great trip!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of my experiences from my year abroad! It was good fun to decorate the box because it brought back some memories that I had completely forgotten all about!

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