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People are brilliant!

This post is certainly long overdue as I am currently swamped with projects, presentations and essays and honestly can’t wait to see the back of April – I imagine most the other 3rdSpacers feel the same way (Nobody warned us that we would actually have to work on our year abroad!). Keep up the hard work guys!

Anyway, in my many moments of procrastination I found myself delving into the trusty Thirdspace toolkit and inspired once again to attempt the activities I’ve still not completed!

So here we go, activity 27 – Everyone You Meet

I chose this activity as I’ve had a friend from Scotland stay with me over the past week and the time we spent together made me realise that as well as the new friendships a year away from home creates it has also solidified and given rebirth to some of those old friendships.

I think I was expecting to be able to disappear unnoticed for the year and come back to Scotland all “cultural” with lots of French boyfriends and international friends to show for it but in reality being just a cheap Ryanair flight from home and living in such an incredible city it’s not that easy to runaway and instead I’m practically running a free hostel for friends and family in return for free dinners! Some of these people I’ve not seen for years, or perhaps only met once before but they’ve given me more excuses to explore the city, amazing experiences and it’s simply brilliant!

At the same time I’ve met some crazy new people from inspiring teachers at university, crazy children at work and strangely a fair number of “celebrities” (I’m not sure how I keep finding myself in these situations!) Some of these people I want to see again and some have simple taught me something new – all of them have had some sort of impact on my year abroad experience.

So here it is (I’ve never been much of an artist, so don’t laugh!)

Third space

The left hand is new relationships – students from all over the world, kids at work, teachers which have really motivated me and then the pinkie is for the miscellaneous from meeting Big Brother stars and actors like Gerard Depardieu to training with Olympic fencers.

The right hand is old relationships – friends, family, people I’ve grown up with, people I’ve met once and dropped by to see me while visiting Paris and finally all those who have supported me whether financially through Erasmus or through the university.

Now time to stop procrastinating and get back to work. Until the next activity Thirdspacers!

Ruth, Paris

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  1. catrionamallows

    Loved this post, and really liked your picture. Such a nice idea to have it exemplified like thank. Thanks!

    Catriona 🙂

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