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My favourite place(s)

When thinking about where my favourite place in DC was, there were a few contenders. I’d managed to narrow it down to one place; but my adventures this weekend put a spanner in the works and now I have two (not that I’m complaining!).

1. Capitol Hill Books
Exploring Eastern Market yesterday (which in itself is an amazing place with stalls and food galore) I happened upon possibly the greatest book store I have ever visited: Capitol Hill Books.

The shop has 2 floors of used books and is an absolute treasure trove of bargains, it is absolutely adorable and I think if I was allowed to move in I would! But aside from the gloriously chaotic atmosphere, the hilarious messages poking out of the books are what make the store so unique – I could have taken about 50 more photos!

IMG_4210 IMG_4209

2. The Speakers Balcony

My other favourite place is on a completely different vein, yet is just as special. Over the last 5 months I’ve been lucky enough to intern for a Congressman in the House of Representatives, and amongst the perks of the job (many of which equal free muffins) is the ability to visit the speakers balcony.


The balcony is only open when the house isn’t in session; because the speaker does actually use it when he is there, and you can only get there with a staff badge or by getting a special tour not available to the public. It is a truly great view and standing up there makes me feel like the Queen of the USA. I finish interning on Friday so I’m going to try and get one more sneaky visit in before I leave!


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