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(Attempts of) making friends with the locals.

Well a new semester brings a new start, and as I’m sure many of my fellow Brits on exchange will have noticed, with that start comes a whole new set of friends. Sadly with the majority of Australian, American and German exchange students (which makes up a vastly large amount) being on exchange for only one semester it leaves your contacts list fairly barren when you start with term again. However fear not as the reason we go on exchange is for the new challenges we encounter as much as the experiences we make, and of course the fun we have.


For me I was fortunate enough to be changing accommodation as the new term rolled around so it meant a truly fresh start. The first thing that got me excited was the fact that I’d be sharing the kitchen with 11 Danes. Which meant I might actually meet some local people! Crazy to think of I know but an exchange student can dream. With this being my first time properly getting to know Danes it has presented itself as a valuable opportunity. After experiencing living with multicultural groups it seems like many of the nationality stereotypes do exist for a reason. Just as I’ve found many Americans to be very talkative and able to speak for hours I’ve also found Danes to be a bit more reserved as the stereotype says. I’ve heard from numerous sources that Danes can be your best friend one day when they’re boozing hard and then not acknowledge you the next in the cold light of sobriety.


So obviously with that information on hand I’ve taken it as my challenge to get my flatmates drunk and then get one of them to be my best friend. Now I don’t have many social skills but I have enough to realise that going round asking people to be your best friend when you have never met them before probably won’t work wonders. Instead you should pretend to be interested in obscure Danish hip-hop (Danes favourite musical pastime) and Chilli Claus* (look him up, he’s great).


With that in mind I’ve planned a specific date to impress Danish people with my soon to be newfound knowledge and will let you know hot it goes. Will I get a Dane to be my best friend when drunk, will they then coldly blank me in the street the next day, or will we become bffs and will we dine on rugbrød with a side of special brew for evermore? Stay tuned/clicked to find out!






*Danish youtube personality who gets (semi) famous Danish celebrities on to his show to make them eat the hottest chillies in ze worlde. Hilarity and profuse sweating generally ensues.

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