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Is Geneva under attack? No, it’s Switzerland’s annual alarm test day.

You could imagine my surprise when on Wednesday at 13:30, all the alarms in Geneva started going off…

My friend had come up to visit, and I was unable to give her a rational answer as to why all these alarms were sounding. Was Geneva under attack? Were we being bombed? Is there a car chase going on ? Or maybe a jewellery heist? Geneva is home to the world’s most luxurious watches… All these thoughts sprung to mind, although none of them correct.

After 30 minutes of confusion and slight panic which we shrugged off with laughter and our imaginative ideas, I noticed someone had posted on ESN Geneva on facebook to inform us that today was a national day in Switzerland for testing out all the alarms. Phewwwww!

Turns out every first Wednesday of February all the alarm systems are tested in Switzerland.

Yet again, the moment I feel like a local in Geneva something happens to knock me back down to my newbie status.

Despite having lived here for a term and with the next term around the corner it is clear that there is still much to learn about this beautiful, Pandora’s box of a city…

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