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Speed dating!

I discovered something new tonight called a “Franglish café” which is like speed dating but with the end goal of improving your language skills rather than your love life. It works as follows:

1.You register online
2.Immediately regret your decision and dread the evening coming
3.Walk past the bar at least once before plucking up the courage to go in
4.Sit at a little table having small talk with complete strangers for 7 minutes in French and then 7 minutes in English
5.Leave 2 hours later with much more confidence in your language skills and laughing at yourself for being such a wimp!

I was very apprehensive to try the Franglish café particularly as I am a young woman living on my own in the big city but really I highly recommend it! I met lots of interesting and likeminded people, had some very interesting conversations and only had to tell one creep that I don’t give my number away to strangers and that I was purely there to practice my French. There’s always one!

Ruth, Paris

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