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This is only a short entry but I couldn’t resist sharing…

I went to a Rock and Roll dance, and I’m never going again.

It was a Monday, one of the first, I didn’t have much on my plate,  I could see no reason why I shouldn’t join my french housemates Mathilde and Marion at their weekly Rock and Roll class. Well, what did my eyes behold? It was an animalistic inferno, it was a sweat filled jiving chamber, and it was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed. I should say participated in as even I could not help myself from being dragged on to the dance floor by a sweaty palmed french youth. It seems to me that most young French people think they’re quite cool; they nearly all smoke like trains and if you don’t like techno then who are you?! Thinking this, in a room full of hot sweaty students trying to give their partners vertigo whilst twirling some how  in time to Sweet Home Alabama, I was amazed.  And they all took it so seriously, a dance which seemed to consist of hand jiggling and violently spinning around.

I hope that heading to Italy in February will give me a chance to try out some more new dancing, salsa perhaps, but its fair to say that my ‘Rock n Roll’ days are over.

Bethan Evans


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