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Germany isn’t generally thought of as a land of fine cuisine. There are no delicate pastries or pretty little cakes – there is nothing aesthetically very pleasing about German food at all. I’m almost certain I’ve never seen anything green or leafy served in a German restaurant, apart from perhaps a side salad. But the same could easily be said of British (and especially Scottish) food – that’s not to say it isn’t wonderful. And they certainly don’t do things by halves.

If you were to ask for dinner recommendations in Heidelberg, you’d almost certainly be directed towards the Schnitzelhaus, possibly the most aptly named eating establishment I’ve come across as it serves just that, and only that. The Schnitzelhaus is one of my favourite spots in Heidelberg, perhaps because it reminds me of an English pub – dimly lit, but warm and cosy with wood-panelled walls and a truly friendly atmosphere. There are only a handful of tables and Schnitzel is (very) popular, so making a reservation is strongly encouraged.

Schnitzel is widely-known outside Germany, if not widely-served. Simply pork or chicken cooked in breadcrumbs, it could hardly be described as a sophisticated dish, but the Schniztelhaus boasts over 100 different varieties, and they don’t lie. The basic Schnitzel is always the same, but for toppings you are definitely spoiled for choice – even getting through the menu is a challenge, let alone choosing one. I went for a honey-mustard Schnitzel on my last visit:


Visually, not very appealing (although they did put some effort in with the green stuff). But less than 10 euros for two huge (and delicious) Schnitzel, and that mountain of chips in the background, it’s a constant battle not to make this a weekly visit.

Amy – Heidelberg, Germany


  1. Are vegetables andò fruits not popular among the german people and do they eat a lot of meat everyday? It’s quite surprising because I think they are usually very healthy and slim! Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. Hi Amy! I’m in Geneva at the mo, and went for a weekend in Zurich this term and tried Schnitzel with pork and love it too 🙂 definitely agree that their presentation is perhaps lacking, but the taste was so good! As for your comment @elinoredinb I completely agree! Everyone in Switzerland eats so many carbs and meat and still have the Swiss skinny legs! #howdotheydoit

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