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Today’s My Birthday so I Thought I Would Celebrate With a Blog Post About Macaroni Cheese.

When I went to do this activity I found that the street food in Freiburg consists solely of Bratwurst and Currywurst. This meant that short of trying to recreate what is essentially a glorified hot dog, it was best for me to do some research into other local delicacies.

For my research I have spent the last couple of months taking part in some free German cookery classes. This has been great as it has given me a chance to practice my German as well as learn more about the history of Baden-Württemberg (the region of Germany I am currently in). So far I have learned how to make German foods such as: Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, Weihnachtsplätzchen, Flammkuchen, Bratapfel, Käsespätzle and a variety of alcoholic beverages.

…This is just a side note but since I’m writing about food, it seems fitting. I found out the other day that ‘fried egg’ in German is “Spiegelei” which literally means MirrorEgg. It is called this because when you make a fried egg, you can see your reflection in the yolk. I just think there is something really beautiful in that…

So, out of all the food I have made so far, I have chosen to write about Käsespätzle – a dish which is basically macaroni cheese except you have to make the macaroni yourself from scratch. When I was taught how to make this I was told that this dish is a speciality of Baden Württemberg, although I recently found out that it is also considered to be a local dish in Austria, Hungary and Switzerland so nobody is really sure exactly where this dish originated. The term Käsespätzle comes from the German word “Käse” which means ‘cheese’ and “Spätzle” which means ‘little sparrow’. Maybe the name comes from the fact that once made, the small blobs of pasta resemble baby sparrows cos they’re small and fat. Nobody really seems to be sure.

Here is a quick outline of the recipe:

Mix Ingredients

Pour Mixture over Spätzle Making Tool and Push Into Boiling Water

Pour Mixture over Spätzle Making Tool and Push Into Boiling Water

Take Out of Pan

Take Out of Pan

Put Back in Pan

Put Back in Pan and Add Cheese and Onions

Add Twist From Own Cuisine (there was no English cheddar so I made do)

Add Twist From Own Cuisine (there was no English cheddar so I made do with Irish)





Vida Green – Freiburg, Germany


  1. catrionamallows

    Really enjoyed reading this – I found a lot of it really humorous! I especially like the title of your article. This has inspired me to get involved in some cooking lessons (hopefully I can find some free ones too).


  2. ameliasteele24

    I really enjoyed this article too! It sounds like a fantastic organisation and a great way to spend a day and give back to the city. Nice one 🙂

    • ameliasteele24

      Oops! I meant to comment on the post above! Your macaroni cheese looks delicious though 🙂

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