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Magic Portrait

Here I have drawn 4 items from Singapore that I have found during my stay here. I have altered them very slightly to show a ‘mystical energy’ within. I have then combined these figures with a traditional Scottish crest and tartan print to combine my experience in Singapore with my home country.

The figures are as follows (left to right, top to bottom):
Lantern: can be seen throughout Singapore particularly in Chinatown
Merlion: Singapore’s national image, half fish, half lion.
Buddha: The figure of Buddhism, the most widely practised religion of Singapore, and is also very prevalent in neighbouring countries.
Koi Fish: While a Japanese fish, these are found in prestigious areas in gardens and inside ponds and are used for decoration.

To me these figures seem magical, they are things I’ve thought of as being so far away from Scotland that I’d never see in person and to be able to actually do that has been amazing.

crests thirdspace

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