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Beautiful buildings

The United Nations building in Geneva is beautiful.

I was very fortunate to be able to go and visit the UN earlier this week. After a lengthy queue at security, we were escorted to meet our tour guide who gave us an in depth tour of the building and explained the history behind some of its most known conference rooms.

Every part of the building is carefully crafted to perfection: floor, walls, paintings, clocks, bins, even the toilets!


Stepping inside the UN is like stepping into a tardis. From the outside, the building stands proudly behind a strong ion clad fence and a multitude of flags – that alone is impressive enough. However, the iconic front of the building is merely a façade to the numerous buildings hiding behind it. Once you pass the main reception you arrive at a large courtyard where the main building in which conferences are held is located.

I was really impressed by the sheer scale and beauty of the building, particularly how it is decorated with elements iconic of Switzerland. For example, all of the clocks in the building are Phillipe Patek clocks – luxurious Swiss watch manufacturer.



Each room in the UN is numbered with roman numerals and has its own history.

For instance, my favourite room (which also happens to be the most expensive one) is the Sala de los Derechos Humanos y de la Alianza Civilizaciones. This conference room is where all the human rights meetings are held and is the most luxurious room in the UN. Spain offered this room as a gift to Geneva. The dome ceiling is a massive sculptural installation which resembles the seabed. As you walk in the room you are overcome with a feeling of complete awe.

un 2

un 1

(Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos inside so I had to find these off google…) Honestly these photos do not do the room justice – it was amazing!!!!

The United Nations represents every aspect of Swiss culture …clean, luxurious, historical and you can’ t help but fall in love with it!

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