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Exploring Southern Germany

After just two weeks in Germany it’s difficult to think of any building that hasn’t been ‘beautiful’. Heidelberg is a perfect example of medieval Germany mixed with some amazing, and imposing, 1930s architecture.


The ‘Neue Uni’


Traditional Heidelberg

Although I’ve only been in Germany for a couple of weeks, I’ve already managed to get out of Heidelberg and explore other parts of Southern Germany. A day trip to Mainz, the capital of the Rhineland-Palatinate, led us to St. Stephen’s Church, which houses truly amazing windows designed by the artist Marc Chagall. The windows were intended to represent post-War German-Jewish reconciliation, and when the sun shines through them the whole church glows an incredible blue. We stayed far longer than we expected to and left feeling completely at peace.


Chagall window

The highlight of my German experience so far has been a trip to the Black Forest. The forest itself is similar to the Lake District, but with more trees and less rugged mountain scenery. Stone cottages are replaced by wooden houses with window boxes filled with red flowers – it’s exactly what you want it to be. We ended up in Freiburg, the ‘capital’ of the Black Forest, where we ate huge pieces of Black Forest gateau for less than 4 euros. Just perfect.


Amy Ainsworth – Heidelberg, Germany

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