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Five exceptional places

I have spent in Australia just over two months but it is already difficult to pick only five spots for five fingers on my experience map. In the end, I have decided for the following places that really made me happy in my new home.

Flinders Ranges:

Flinders Ranges National Park is a beautiful part of Australian outback. I have spent 5 days there that I will never forget. I have been there hiking in mountains, getting to know old Aboriginal art and I have seen a lot of Australian wildlife including loads of kangaroos and emus.

Kangaroo Island:

The third biggest Australian island was amazing place to visit. In 3 days I have experiences many things ranging from honey farm tour to sand boarding and watching sea lions resting few meters away from me on the beach.

Adelaide’s Beaches:

So far I have visited Henley and Glenelg beach in Adelaide. I come from a country with no sea so having a beautiful beach in the city is very special for me. I cannot wait to spend there more time!

Port River:

Port River is going through Adelaide and is a home for a group of bottlenose dolphins. Recently, I went kayaking on the river. I was paddling through beautiful mangroves and then I met four dolphins swimming around. They were so close I could have touched them. They were playing around and swimming underneath my kayak. It was so exciting to watch these stunning animals in wild and move with them around the river.

Cleland Wild Life Park:

This park located in Adelaide offers not only beautiful countryside but also encounter with the most typical Aussie animals. They are so used to humans that they do not hide or run away. Some of them even come to you and wait for special animal food you can give them.

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