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Reaching new heights!

Bonjour! I have been in Geneva for two weeks now and already I can already feel myself becoming more Swiss. My diet now centers around three items: cheese, chocolate and wine. (Yes they are all as good as everyone says!) And on Saturday I went on my first Swiss hike!


On Saturday a group of us decided to go and climb Mont-Saleve – Geneva’s local mountain which is actually situated just across the French border. I can safely say that none of us Brits were prepared for the strenuous hike that was in store…

(Let me just take this moment to interject – a hike in Switzerland in no way conforms to the meaning outlined in the OED! The physical and mental challenge I experienced on Saturday was in no way the result of “a long walk”.)

We set off early Saturday morning and asked a group of locals for directions. All of whom told us the same thing – get the number 12 tram to Rive, then the 8 to Veyrier. If you ever want to experience the most reliable transportation system come to Switzerland! All the trams and buses are so well interconnected you can travel right to the French border for free with your TPG (transports publics genevois)pass.


We arrived at Mont-Saleve after a very pleasant 30min tram journey and walked across the border into France. The next part of the day wasn’t as pleasant…We spent only what I can describe as the longest 3 hours of my life climbing, sweating and panting up the incredibly steep mountain. Trust me Arthur’s Seat is a hill in comparison! Just to give you an idea, Mont-Saleve is 5.5 times higher!! But once we reached the top the views were spectacular! At 1379m you can see the alps in France, the Mont Blanc ski resort and all of the Lake Geneva region. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been to and is a definite must see if you ever come to Geneva 🙂


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