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Music on the Metro

In order to try and not stick out as the lost Scottish girl in the middle of Paris I’ve spent the last few days trying to assimilate to French society. While I am not quite at the stage where I can justify wearing onions around my neck and a baguette under one arm and respond to everything anyone ever says to me with the phrase “ooh la la”, I feel I have established the rules of the metro:

1. Don’t make eye contact with anybody

2. Don’t engage in conversation with anyone

3. Wear headphones whether you have music to listen to or not!

However, when I was waiting at La Defense station last night I noticed that everybody was unusually breaking all of these rules and were circled around a man singing and playing the guitar on the platform. With ten minutes to wait for my train, I too removed my headphones and found a space in the crowd between a homeless guy with no trousers and a very, very happy woman in a Jamaican rastacap singing along to every song. The musician was incredible and had everyone singing and dancing along.

As soon as I got home I looked up the musician on the internet and it turns out he is pretty well known and performs around the world, if you have a chance give him a listen:

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