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In my first week in Lille we’ve been doing so much, it’s nice to just sit down with everyone and chill out playing some games. I, and all the other international students, have been welcomed into ENSCL Lille by their “Welcome Club”, and they’re amazing. Without them, I don’t know who I would be talking to or if I’d have even met an English speaking person yet. The rumours have all been true- even if the French can speak English, they won’t unless 100% necessary…or they’re drunk.

So one of the members of the Welcome Club, Marwa, who has adopted us “strangers”, as we’re called in French, has kindly had all 25 of us into her flat for some fun! The second night after we all met, we had a night of singing and dancing at her place, with the Mexican girls I’ve met trying to teach me how to dance like a Latina. How do they do it so naturally?! I’m just glad there wasn’t any evidence of my attempts… Horrible.

And a couple of days after this, we were all back at Marwa’s for a day of “fun and games”. We were all dancing, again, around the living room to Just Dance on the Wii. The Mexicans obviously won everytime. And when we were all exhausted, the Welcome Club introduced us to a French game they love: Loup -Garou, which means Werewolves in English. Its a game where each person gets a card telling them their identity for the game. They can be a werewolf (the red cards on the left in the picture), a villager (the yellow cards on the left), or a villager with a special power (various powers on the right).IMG_5443[1]

The aim for the four werewolves is to kill all the townspeople before they are found out, and the aim for the villagers is to suss out which of them turn into werewolves at night. The many different powers of the villagers let each individual get a slight piece of information to identify the good guys from the bad guys. However, in the discussions in the town hall in the morning, the werewolves attend and try and shed their werewolf persona to trick the villagers into killing their own people. There is so much going on its so easy to lose track, especially when the whole game is in French, so I joined up with Remi, the Japanese girl below on the left, whose French is just as limited as mine!


There are so many different cards which can be incorporated into the game, its never the same twice! So hopefully we’ll be having a couple more Loup-Garou days while I’m here! 😀

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