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Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk

Well I am here, je suis arrivée. I know this isn’t in our box of cards but as it is a rather fundamental component to an exchange I have decided to make my first blog post about my arrival.

Filled to the brim with excitement and more than a small sprinkling of fear, my father and sister left me on my new doorstep at 5am as they began the long drive home after dropping me off in Grenoble, France. First impressions? Well, it is certainly a lot hotter than I thought it would be, here in the Alps, so my jumpers will have to wait. My greatest achievements so far have been the posting of a letter, using the tram and an exhausting trip to IKEA where I bought a bookcase which I have realised I neither really need or want, but alas had already committed myself to. Never say NO on Erasmus. Perhaps I’m not doing it properly but I’m finding these first few days thoroughly daunting and disorientating. Of course I’m not having a terrible time but I feel that my confidence has decreased considerably; I am very much the featherless limping duck out of water.

However, I am told that this phases passes quickly and I will soon be raving with greater impartiality about how great life in Grenoble is. I have already been highly fortunate with my accommodation. I am in a private apartment with four other girls; three of which are real French people and the fourth by great coincidence is from Edinburgh.  We plan to start sharing the food shopping, although my orange juice has already been mysteriously opened by somebody else. Quelle horreur! I know that things can only and will certainly get better. I hope that this may act as reassurance to anyone who has already arrived and is feeling a little bit out of place. If you haven’t left yet… ignore this post, every moment will be fantastic and Awesome (!!!) .

Bethan Evans

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